Merry Bee Photobooth Company got its start when Bee had an amazing idea and Marion had some photo know-how.  Ever since, they've been working hard to constantly improve their processes, build a stellar props collection, and add a few fancy-pants gadgets here and there.  The result is a fun experience, high-quality photos, and printed strips while you wait.  

Merry Bee Photobooth Company's booth is open-concept, which means that your guests can witness the fun.  (Open-concept means more people can fit, too!)  The booth is equipped with a high-resolution DSLR camera, professional studio lighting, an LCD monitor that displays your pictures as they are taken, and a backdrop that can be customized just about any way you'd like.  Since Bee is a vintage lover and Marion is a photo geek, they also offer an optional add-on for your guests to receive Polaroids (shaking it is strongly encouraged).  The best part?  Marion and Bee personally run every booth, so you are guaranteed a fun time and smooth sailing!

Merry Bee currently serves the Richmond, Charlottesville, and Lynchburg areas of Virginia.  Need a booth somewhere else? Just ask!